Smoke Hollow 40 Inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker Has It All!

Smoke Hollow D4015SS
Smoke-Tronix Model D4015SS in Stainless

The Smoke Hollow 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker, also called the Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix Bluetooth Smoker, is the smoking enthusiast’s dream, with all the bells and whistles. The company that makes these, Outdoor Leisure Products, has put together a package of super features that will make your smoking projects just that much more fun and rewarding. So if you are a techie who likes to have all the gadgets, or you just like the extra control, the Smoke Hollow 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker could be your ticket.

We know there are a lot of choices out there. After lots of research, we’ve put together the details all right here so you can make the important decision about whether this is the right smoker you. If you already know something about the Smoke Hollow Bluetooth Smoker, and you want to see our analysis, click on the Contents below to get right to the deciding factors. We also answer some Frequently Asked Questions about the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker.

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What’s on the Outside

The Smoke Hollow 40 inch Bluetooth Smoker has a double-walled smoking chamber to keep the heat on the inside where it belongs and allow you to get temperatures up to 290°F. This is a good thing. You won’t get burned with this unit.

The door is an attractive stainless steel or black powdered coated steel (and you can also get it in red) with a tempered glass window so you can see what’s happening during the smoking process. This is a great feature and some people really appreciate this, however, it’s smoky in there, so visibility will be limited (can you say London Fog?). The window will also get cloudy over time, even with regular cleaning. That’s just what happens, like your older oven door, but even more so, because smoke is hanging about in there.

Smoke Hollow D4015B
Smoke-Tronix Model D4015B in Black

The door is kept securely closed with an adjustable door latch that can be tightened if it loosens over time. I’d say this is an essential feature for a good smoker, because you want to be able to secure the door against wind and possibly wildlife….or domesticatedlife, even. The smells are just that good!

Two external drawers! The wood chip tray is accessed by an external top drawer that allows you to put up to 6 cups of wood chips at a time. It can be easily opened during smoking, without opening the cabinet. The lower drawer contains the overflow grease tray that can be removed and emptied during the smoking process without opening the smoker.

An external water port is another unique feature of the Smoke-Tronix smokers. The side port allows you to add water to the inside water tray without opening the smoking cabinet.

The LED control panel is located across the top front edge. It features an LED digital display that monitors on and off, time, internal smokehouse temperature and meat temperature. It will even turn on the interior light. Controls are simple and straightforward so you can get down to the smoking business right away with no learning curve.

The Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker, true to it’s name, has a bluetooth control interface that allows you to pair your personal device to the smoker, giving you the ability to monitor and control the smoker from a distance, and even in the house! You can remotely adjust the time and temperature, monitor internal temperature and turn the light on and off. The application is easily downloaded from the manufacturer’s website or from your device’s App Store. This is a great option for those who want to monitor their smoking conveniently from inside the house. The range is limited, so this feature will be of value mainly for people who will be able to be in relatively close proximity to the smoker.

A couple more important features: An adjustable damper vent on the rear of the smoker cabinet allows control of heat and smoke within the smokehouse. A small intake vent on the front bottom of the cabinet can be opened or closed to allow inflow of air. Also, at almost 90 lbs, this model is pretty heavy so you’ll be glad to know that it comes with two wheels and a handle for ease of moving. The Smoke-Tronix Bluetooth Smoker is offered with and without legs. The model offered with legs also has two wheels on the rear legs.

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Let’s Look Inside

Smoke Hollow D4015SS
Smoke-Tronix Model D4015SS in Stainless with Leg Kit

Opening the door of the Smoke Hollow 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker, you see that this smoker has a lot of extra amenities.

Four chrome-plated steel shelves on the inside of the cabinet can be adjusted to varying heights using the multi-level mounting holes on the sides of the cabinet. The Smoke Hollow 40 inch Electric Smoker has approximately 4.5 cf of smoking space inside the cabinet, or 1035 square inches of cooking space on the shelves.

Less visible, but no less important, is the interior LED lighting. The light can be controlled either from your bluetooth device or directly using the digital control panel on the front of the smoker.

The all-important, and definitely unique and useful, feature of the Smoke-Tronix Smoker is the dual heating element. The large element wraps around the bottom of the cabinet in a U-shape surrounding the wood chip tray. This element does most of the heating in the cabinet, while a second small element is situated just below the wood chip tray to smoke the wood chips.

This dual element feature allows the Smoke-Tronix to offer a cold smoking cycle without having a separate cold smoking unit. The smaller element heats the wood chips enough to smoke them without heating up the smoking chamber substantially. With the cold smoke feature, the unit can smoke at temperatures between 50F and 125F so you can do cheeses, salmon and bacon.

Cold-smoke, hot-smoke AND fast-smoke. With the Smoke-Tronix fast-smoke setting, the smoker can generate smoke in under 20 minutes, allowing you to get more of the great smoke flavor and ring that you are going for.

A large interior water pan provides moisture to your smoking foods. It can be filled from inside, but Smoke-Tronix smokers have an external water port that allows you to replenish the water supply from the outside, so you don’t have to open the cabinet.

Last, but certainly not least, the Smoke-Tronix Bluetooth Smoker includes a meat thermometer probe inside the smoker. It is detachable and has a storage loop inside the cabinet. It measures meat temperature which can be monitored on the digital display or on your bluetooth device. A meat thermometer is essential to accurate smoking so this is just one less thing you’ll have to add to get on your way to fantastic smoking!

What We Think About Smoke Hollow 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker

This is a good smoker. It’s got pretty much every feature you could possibly want in a smoker and then some. We summarize the good and the not so good, right here for you:

On the plus side:

  • You pretty much never have to open the cabinet during smoking. Not to add chips or water, not to drain the grease and not to check the meat temperature. Plus you’ve got a light to let you see inside. We think that’s pretty great. Your smoker will operate more efficiently and you’ll get a quicker end result.
  • It’s a large-capacity smoker for a home cabinet style. You can get a lot of meat in there and for family, party or even light commercial use, it is going to keep up with your needs.
  • It’s got cold-smoke, hot-smoke AND fast-smoke features. You can do it all with one appliance without adding accessories. This is an incredible value added, monetarily and space- and convenience-wise!
  • It’s a visually attractive appliance that will go well in your outdoor kitchen or patio setting. It also comes in a red model, if that suits your fancy.
Smoke Hollow D4015RS
Smoke Tronix Model D4015RS with Leg Kit

On the minus side:

  • The extra bells and whistles will cost you more. You get a lot of features and it does include a cold smoking cycle, which would cost you more if you had to buy it as an accessory. But it is a larger investment than a base model smoker
  • The highlight feature, the bluetooth capability, has a limited range. Yes, it works, but while it’s cool to be able to monitor it from your phone, you will ultimately have to stick nearby the smoker to monitor it. This may work for you if it’s just outside the door and it’s cold outside, but if you are a long way away, it’s not going to work.

Should You Buy the Smoke Hollow Bluetooth Smoker?

If you love having all the bells and whistles, plus the latest and greatest technical advances, you are going to be pretty excited about this sleek, feature-rich smoker. As we’ve noted, it’s got it all, from drawer-style access to all the internal workings to bluetooth remote monitoring capabilities.

Check out the Smoke-Tronix Bluetooth Smoker in Black here.

If you are looking for something smaller, you may want to check out the Smoke Hollow 30 and 36 inch models here. If you like the concept of remote monitoring, but want a broader range of contact with your smoker, you might enjoy the Masterbuilt 40 inch Electric Smoker with RF Remote. It has a range of 100 feet radius around your smoker.

Still have questions? See if we cover them here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Smoke Hollow 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker come with a warranty?

Yes. Every Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker comes with a 1 year warranty. The warranty covers parts from date of purchase. Additionally, the pain is covered for 90 days from date of purchase and excludes rust.

Are there accessories available for the Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix Bluetooth Electric Smoker?

Yes. You can get a cover for it. We recommend the Smoke Hollow SC44 cover, which is a universal cover for all 40 inch Smoke Hollow smokers. It is made of durable PVC vinyl with a felt backing.

How often do you need to fill up the wood pan?

Depending on how much smoke you want, the chips will last as long as 6 to 8 hours. The wood chip tray holds up to 6 cups of chips. This is significantly more than most electric smokers of this size.

How much meat will it hold?

A lot. Yeah, that’s relative, and it is hard to be precise. The volume of the cabinet is 4.6 cubic feet and the area of the shelves is 1035 square inches, if that helps picture it. Let’s do some examples: You can do 8 whole chickens. You can do a couple pork butts, a couple chickens and 3 or 4 racks of ribs. You can do a pretty substantial turkey, maybe even 20 lbs or more. Just make sure you have room around the edges of the food for air and smoke to circulate.

How do you clean the smoker?

You don’t have to do too much. You can take out the racks and drawers and clean them with hot, soapy water in the kitchen sink. You can soak the racks to soften the gunk and then use a stiff brush to get them thoroughly clean. With the inside of the cabinet, you can wipe down the window with a dry rag or a little water and vinegar. You can wipe out the bottom and the excess grease with a little vinegar. You really don’t need to clean the inside of the cabinet too much. That’s “seasoning” and it’s part of your smoker. That’s about it.

Can you leave it outside?

Well, yes….but it’s not ideal. If you must leave it outside, at the very least get a cover. We recommend Smoke Hollow SC44 cover. Next best is to put it under an eave or overhang, or a covered porch. The weather is hard on the electronics. Best thing to do is put it in the garage or inside a dry shed, with a cover. At least for rain or nasty weather. Be nice to your smoker and it will last you a long time.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this review has been informative and given you what you need to make a decision about the Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker. If there’s something else you want to know, we’d be happy to help! Just leave us a message below. If you have thoughts about this or any Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker, please also let us know.

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