Smoke Hollow 26 inch Electric Smoker – Analog: Value and Simplicity

Smoke Hollow 26 Analog Electric Smoker

If you are looking for a great basic smoker at a value price, then look no further. The Smoke Hollow 26 inch Electric Smoker Analog Model (26142E) is just the thing! There’s plenty of interior room to smoke a lot of food – even a 15 lb turkey! The simple function is easy to control with a smaller learning curve.

Let’s look at what you get with the Smoke Hollow 26 inch Analog Electric Smoker. By the way, this is listed as model 26142E.

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Exterior Features

Cabinet: The fully welded steel cabinet is sturdy and tough. Solid like a good grill. The exterior dimensions are 36.5″ x 19″ x 16.5″. It is double walled to maintain consistent temperatures inside. Like a grill, you will have to keep small children away from the smoker and take care yourself that you don’t touch the cabinet during smoking. Ouch! And the handsome black powder coated finish will fit in with any patio décor. We know you like to look good while you’re smoking, right?

Door: The steel door has no window and is not gasket sealed. It has a spring wire handle to open and close and keep you from getting burned when you open during smoking. It has an analog thermometer that monitors temperatures inside the smoker cabinet. The door is latched with the Smoke Hollow Sure-Lock closure that can be tightened as necessary. This will keep the critters out when they are drawn by all the delectable smells emanating from your smoker!

Handles: It has two metal side handles allow you to pick it up and move it easily, but wait til it’s cool, of course? Just checking to see if you are awake. It only weighs about 34 lbs so even though it doesn’t have wheels, it is pretty easy to just pick up and move. Which you’ll have to do to put it away, because you don’t want to leave it outside in the elements all winter.

Controls: On the side of the cabinet is the analog temperature control. The analog plug-in controller allows you to adjust the temperature between 175 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Set it and forget it! It is a dial that you turn to the temperature that you want, kinda like those electric skillets so popular in the 70s. Maybe you don’t remember those. Maybe you weren’t born yet. That’s OK. Just try to imagine it.

Vent: On the back of the cabinet, there is a rotating damper vent that allows you to adjust the air flow.

Base: The smoker cabinet sits on sturdy legs that raise the cabinet almost 10 inches. This is a special feature designed to eliminate extra chiropractor bills. And it works. Believe me!

Grease Catcher: Underneath the front of the cabinet there is a removable grease tray that catches the runoff drippings from inside the cabinet. However, you might want to put plastic or a shallow tray under the legs of your smoker to catch any drips that run down the legs so it doesn’t mess up your patio surface. I hate it when that happens!

Interior Features

Shelves: The Smoke Hollow 26 inch Electric Smoker Analog model has two chrome-plated steel shelves that boast 1.3 cubic feet of cooking area. These shelves can be adjusted to different heights using the adjustment holes on the sides of the cabinet.

Heating Element: At the bottom of the cabinet, a 1500 watt heating element wraps around a water tray and the wood chip tray. These trays are covered and slide out from their slots that are elevated from the base of the cabinet. Drippings from the cabinet exit through a hole in the bottom of the cabinet to the exterior grease tray for emptying.

So now that you know what there is to this model, let’s figure out if this is the right smoker for you.



  • Sturdy cabinet construction.
  • Sure-Lock locking mechanism assures your smoker stays closed tightly
  • Simple, easy to use controls with no digital electronics to fail
  • Included legs will save your back.
  • Cabinet is not well insulated so you must guard against touching it during smoking.
  • Drippings can run down the legs and get on your patio surface.
  • Door has no gasket. This can be remedied by installing an aftermarket gasket.
  • No cold smoking attachment available.

Should you purchase the Smoke Hollow 26 inch Analog Electric Smoker?

The Smoke Hollow 26 inch Electric Smoker – Analog model – is a workhorse for a very low price. If you are someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles or a large smoker and you just want a good, solid electric smoker at a basic price, then you will really enjoy the Smoke Hollow 26 inch Analog Electric Smoker (model 26142E). It is has all the basic features of the more expensive smokers without all the extra learning curve, and digital controls to possibly go on the fritz.

If you are really into smoking and you want more of the extra features like remote monitoring, or a larger cabinet, you may want to check our comparison of the different models Smoke Hollow Electric Smokers available or our extensive comparison of Masterbuilt 30 inch and 40 inch Electric Smokers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any accessories available for this smoker?

This is a very basic smoker and there aren’t really any accessories available.  Smoke Hollow does not make a cover specifically for this model.  However, the Smoke Hollow SC3430 Smoker Cover could work for it.  This cover is designed for their 30 inch and 36 inch models.  It is constructed of heavy duty PVC vinyl with a corner zipper.  You can also see a list of other available covers here.

Does it work better with soaked wood chips or dry wood chips?

Well, this isn’t a function of the smoker so much as a smoking style. You can do either. The wood chips won’t burn up as fast if they are soaked, but then again, they won’t start properly smoking as quickly if the are soaked. This is a whole discussion in itself.

Does the Smoke Hollow 26 Electric Smoker Analog model come with a meat thermometer?

It unfortunately does not. You can purchase a thermometer with cord and run it through the adjustable damper vent at the back of the smoker if you desire.

Does it need a door gasket?

The Smoke Hollow 26 Analog Electric Smoker doesn’t come with a gasket. You will see some smoke leak through the door occasionally. Whether or not you consider this problem is also up for debate. A smoker does have to vent some, but if you want full control over this, you may want to install an aftermarket door gasket, which is pretty easy to do.

Wood chips, wood chunks or wood pellets?

You can use any of these in the Smoke Hollow 26 inch Analog Electric Smoker. You might want to experiment and see what works best for you.

Do you have to keep adjusting the temperature?

The analog temperature controller will keep the temperature inside the cabinet at the temperature you set it. Extreme external temperatures can affect how well the unit keeps a consistent temperature overall, but the thermostat will work to maintain the temperature to what you have set it to. Of course, if you decide you want a different temperature, that’s another story. Just turn the dial to what you want.

Is the flavor as good as a charcoal smoker?

The flavor in an electric smoker is imparted by the type of wood chips you use. There is no addition of flavor from charcoal, so the answer to this question is a matter of opinion. If you are looking for wood smoke flavor, then the answer is yes. There is quite a variety of chips that you can use in the smoker including applewood, hickory and other great hardwoods. You don’t want to use pine or any resinous woods as they will give a weird flavor. I do like rosin potatoes though, so there are uses for pine!

Does this smoker come fully assembled?

Well, no. But close. You have to attach the legs and handles with the included hardware. This helps keep things intact during shipping. It’s not rocket science and I believe in your basic technical abilities!

Are the pans and racks dishwasher safe?

Yes….they can….but. The chrome plated steel racks can be put in the dishwasher. But it’s going to be more effective to soak them in a sink of hot, soapy water to loosen the gunk, then use a stiff brush and rinse with your sprayer thingy. The trays are likely to become spotted by the dishwasher soap and they don’t need a lot of cleaning, so maybe you can skip that. Just no.

Can you cold smoke in the Smoke Hollow 26 inch Analog Electric Smoker?

No. You have to be able to heat the wood enough to produce smoke while not internally heating the cabinet. This smoker isn’t designed for the low cold-smoking temperatures and there is no cold smoking attachment. If you would like to a smoker that can cold smoke, see the Smoke Hollow 40 inch Bluetooth Electric Smoker which has an integrated Cold Smoke feature. Or any digital model of Masterbuilt Electric Smoker can accommodate the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Attachment.

Can you smoke beef jerky in this?

If you can fit it in the cabinet, you can smoke it. That’s all there is to it. Well, you should stick to food, please.

Is it large enough for a pork shoulder and a whole chicken?

Yes, but of course it depends on your roast size. The inside is about 12.5” x 11” and 20” of usable height that’s not taken up by the heating element and wood chip tray. A 10-lb brisket will fit and a couple of 5 lb whole chickens as well. Just make sure there is room for air (and smoke) to circulate around your foods.

Will it smoke a whole turkey?

Yes, up to about 15 lbs. You will undoubtedly need to remove the top shelf and set the turkey vertically. Once again, measure your turkey and note the interior measurements of the cabinet (see previous question).

Can you use the Smoke Hollow 26 inch Electric Smoker in cold weather?

Yes, but you must understand that it’s a thermodynamics thing. When it is colder, just like your house furnace, the heating element will have to work harder and stay on longer and at some point, it may not be able to keep up, if temperatures are extreme. You can help this process by situating your smoker out of the wind while you are smoking. You can also add extra insulation. There are articles and discussions online about how to do this. The analog Smoke Hollow 26 inch Electric Smoker has double wall as a means of insulation, but it does not have any insulating material in between, which is one reason it has a more substantial heating element than other models.

Can you leave this smoker outside?

Well, yes, you can, and if you do plan to do that, please buy a cover. But it will last longer if you set it inside a garage or covered shed when not in use. It’s only 34 lbs and it has two nice handles. I know it’s a small inconvenience, but if you take care of your things, they will take care of you! In any event, you MUST remove the plug-in analog thermostat controller and take it inside. It might get all corroded and conk out on you and you don’t want that.

Can you get replacement parts for the Smoke Hollow 26 inch Analog Electric Smoker?

A limited number of replacement parts are available on the Smoke Hollow Website for Smoke Hollow electric smoker products.

Can you use the smoker inside the garage?

Not a great idea. It makes a lot of smoke and all your tools will smell like smoke. But maybe you would like that. You could enjoy the smell of smoked meat while working on your car. Nah, in my experience engine oil smell is pervasive and overpowering.

Can you use the smoker inside the house?

No. NO. NOOO. Just no. Really? What makes you think that would be a good idea?

Concluding Thoughts

In my experience, I’m really glad there are a whole range of smokers of different sizes, features and fuel types because everyone has different wants and needs.

I like the simplicity and overall value of this smoker. It is basic and there is less to break and less to mess around with. I think it would be a great smoker for a person with a moderate amount of smoking experience and the confidence that comes from knowing your process, but I think that a beginner could be quite successful with this smoker too, especially if you add an inexpensive meat thermometer to the mix. I like that it has legs included. This is a great feature, especially if you have difficulty bending or squatting. Some extra features would be nice, but for the low price of the unit in comparison to comparable models, it is a good bargain and I recommend it.

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I hope you have enjoyed this review. Do you own this smoker? Can you give us your opinion? Or would you like to know more. We’d be happy to help! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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