Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker with RF Remote and more!

Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker, model 20075315, is full of great features to please the smoking enthusiast, whether an expert or a beginner. With the standard features of the updated Masterbuilt products, including their patented external chip loader, plus the bonus features of the high intensity LED lights, the internal meat thermometer and the radio-frequency RF controls, this very cool smoker model is hard to beat.

Here we consolidate our hours and hours of research on this smoker and give you the information you need to decide if this is the smoker for you.

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What’s outside the Masterbuilt 40 inch Electric Smoker model 20073515?

First of all, it is an attractive appliance with a stainless steel door with black trim. The inset window is gasket-sealed to prevent leaks. The door is sealed with a gasket and is latched with an adjustable locking mechanism.

The smoking chamber is powder-coated steel with double walls that have a layer of foam insulation to minimize heat loss, help maintain consistent temperatures within the cabinet and keep the outside from being too hot to touch.

The base has adjustable feet for leveling the cabinet, plus two wheels at the rear and a handle for ease of moving.

The control panel for this model is located on the top front edge and features blue LED for ease of reading in bright sunlight. From the control panel, you can adjust the cook time and desired temperatures. You can read the cabinet temperature, the internal meat temperature and turn the light on and off.

The included radio-frequency remote control allows you to monitor and adjust all the features on the control panel from up to 100 feet away.

Beneath the front door, a slide-out grease drip tray can be removed and emptied during the smoking process without opening the cabinet and disturbing the temperature constant.

On the right side of the cabinet, the patented external chip loader can be pulled out and loaded with chips. When pushed back in and turned, the fresh chips are deposited into the chip tray inside the smoker.

On the top of the cabinet is rotating damper vent to allow you to adjust the air flow out of the cabinet.

What’s inside the Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker?

When you open the Masterbuilt 20073515, you will first notice the 4 chrome-plated steel shelves that have a built-in stop so they can slide out enough to check your food and baste, but they won’t come out in your lap or on the ground. The shelves boast 975 square inches of cooking space.

Under the shelves you will find the water tray and the wood chip tray. The water tray also acts as a grease catcher and there is metal sheet above the wood chips tray and water tray that funnels drippings to the water tray. The wood chip tray is on the right of the cabinet next to the water tray and just above the 1200W heating element. The rotating chip loader sits just above the chip tray with a shroud on top to keep the grease drippings from getting on the chips.

On the bottom of the cabinet there is a shallow grease catcher tray with a hole in the middle that funnels overflow grease to the outside grease drip tray so it can be emptied without opening the cabinet.

Also inside the cabinet, there are high intensity LED lights so you can observe the cooking process through the window. There is also a meat temperature probe that has a storage loop just on the inside of the cabinet.

Common questions about the Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker with RF Remote

Is this a good smoker for a beginner?

This is a feature-rich smoker with lots of ability to control the internal temperature and the meat temperature and monitor it externally. These features make it good for the beginner and take some of the guesswork out of smoking. It’s about as “plug and play” as you can get for a smoker. As with baking or grilling or any other cooking sport, there is a learning curve and the beginner will need to practice a bit to get it right. But the features of the Model 20073515 Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker should really help flatten the learning curve.

Is it insulated? Is it too hot to touch on the outside?

Masterbuilt 40-inch electric smokers are double-walled steel with a layer of foam insulation between them. This helps to maintain temperatures inside the cabinet as well as keeping the outside from getting too hot. Most of the cabinet is not too hot and won’t burn pets or little fingers, but it still bears watching them since the area around the heating element on the right side of the cabinet tends to get overly warm and possibly not enough to burn you.

Is the window worthwhile?

The window is largely a matter of preference. Some people like to have a visual on the smoke production and cooking process. Many experienced smokers are comfortable with using other factors like cabinet temperature and meat probe temperature to monitor the process. There are some down sides to having a window. Glass is a poor insulator and you will expend more energy heating a smoker that has a window. Also, once smoking begins, it is often hard to see the food, though you can see if smoke is being adequately produced. And over time, the window can get built up with creosote just like your oven window does. This requires extra cleaning efforts and eventually you might not be able to clean it at all.

Can I leave it outside?

There is a cover available for the smoker and you CAN leave it outside, and this would probably be OK in a milder climate. But if you live in a climate with cold temperatures and lots of precipitation, you would do well to put it inside a garage or shed or some dry place when it is not in use.

How long can I expect it to last?

It depends. Some people get 10 or 12 years or maybe more from their Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Some people have gotten a lot less. Storing it out of the elements, like inside a dry area like a shed or garage, when not in use will go a long way towards preserving its longevity, especially if you have a lot of wintertime precipitation.

How do you clean it?

The inside can be cleaned with warm water and a mild vinegar solution if necessary. The drip pans and water tray can be washed in the sink with hot water and dish soap. The shelves can be scrubbed in the sink and you can use a wire brush if necessary. The gasket around the door should be wiped with a wet towel pretty much every time you use the smoker, so that the seal will….seal.

Masterbuilt Wood Chip Loader
External Chip Loader feature

What all can you cook in this smoker at once?

According to the manufacturer, you can smoke any combination of the following: 12 Whole Chickens. 2 Whole Turkeys. 4 Racks of Ribs. 48 Sausages. 24 Burgers. 4 Pork Butts

What are the down sides to this smoker?

The Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker with RF Remote gets a lot of good reviews. But like everything, there are some negatives. Some people have complained that the electronic controls have given them difficulty or completely quit working within an all-too-short period of time. This seems to have improved from the models that have moved the digital controls from the back of the unit to the front.

Some people have experienced corrosion on the encased electrical parts which aren’t readily changeable if you aren’t super-handy. The heating element is replaceable and can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Can you cold smoke in it?

Not really, unless you get the Cold Smoker Kit. The lowest temperature on the controls is 100°F. The smoker will not really produce smoke at this point unless you use a wood dust product (not recommended). However, most Masterbuilt Smokers that feature the external chip loader will accommodate the cold smoker attachment made by Masterbuilt. It is sold separately as an accessory.

Is there a warranty?

Masterbuilt products come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase for all parts, excluding the paint. It also does not cover rust.

What accessories are available for the Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker?

There is a cover available, specifically for Masterbuilt 40 inch Electric Smokers.

Cold Smoker Attachment
Cold Smoker Attachment

You can get a stand for your smoker: Masterbuilt 20101213 Digital Electric Smoker Stand, 40-inch

There is also the Masterbuilt Cold Smoker Kit which can function with any model of Masterbuilt Smoker that features the external chip loader, because this is where the cold smoker kit attaches to the smoker cabinet. If you have a stand on your smoker, you would have to raise the height of the cold smoker to meet the attachment point. If they are both sitting on the ground, this is not necessary.

Is the Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker with RF Control right for you?

If you are a beginner or an expert smoker, you will definitely find something to like about this feature-rich smoker. If you are a beginner, you will enjoy having a great deal of control over the smoking process to help you have early success as a new smoker.

You will particularly enjoy this model if you like electronic gadgets and being able to control from a distance, even from your kitchen or livingroom while watching the game of visiting family.

Check the price of the Masterbuilt 40 inch Digital Electric Smoker on Amazon.

Other models of Masterbuilt Electric Smokers.

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