Best Lightweight Chainsaw – Remington Limb N Trim

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Electric Lightweight and Corded Chainsaw with Handle Guard, Black

In our search for the best chainsaws for a variety of needs, one of those needs was a super lightweight chainsaw that the average person can handle with ease. Looking at a lot of chainsaws and their pros and cons, we arrived at the Remington Limb N Trim.

Perhaps you are intimidated by the thought of a chainsaw. Dangerous and dirty and smelly and messy? Well, yes, this chainsaw can still do damage, so you must respect its power, but it is so easy to use that you will forget all those worries immediately.

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Simple to set up, it is ready to cut right out of the box (please do add some chain oil though). You’ll be trimming immediately.

And you’ll be able to trim all day.

Here’s why:

Super lightweight for less user fatigue

At only a bit over 6 pounds, the Remington Limb N Trim truly is a lightweight. You’ll be able to complete the job with ease and your arms will thank you. This small chainsaw is particularly popular with smaller users like petite women and young people. And older people too. You don’t have to be a beefy lumberjack to use this machine.

Quick on and off with simple squeeze trigger

One of the nicest features of the Remington Limb N Trim is the fact that it is very easy to start and stop. You merely need to press the safety interlock button while squeezing the trigger. You can release the interlock button and keep squeezing the trigger. As soon as you release the trigger, the chain comes quickly to a halt.

Robust 8 amp motor keeps you trimming all day

No matter how you slice it, the best part of owning a corded electric chainsaw is that your power source is limited only by the vast electric grid (and possibly the length of your power cord!). So essentially unlimited. The sturdy 8 amp motor will let you trim a large project. Not necessarily a large tree, but lots of limbs. And you can clear a lot of saplings. It is powerful enough to cut a 6 inch tree with relative ease.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Electric Lightweight and Corded Chainsaw with Handle Guard, Black

Easy push button oiler for less mess

The chain is going to need oil regularly. This is a fact of life with chainsaws. In the past, you had to apply oil directly to the chain with an oil can. The Remington Limb N Trim is a step up from manual oiling in that it has an oil reservoir you fill before using the saw. You just push the oiler button before each cut to apply some oil directly onto the chain.

While not as convenient as having an automatic oiler that dispenses oil automatically while the chain is moving, this is definitely an added convenience that will help your chain remain well-lubricated and avoid overheating, and extend the life ofo the chain.

External tensioner makes adjustments simple

General use of the chainsaw will make any chain stretch. A properly adjusted chain is essential to proper and safe operation of the chainsaw, not to mention it minimizes excessive wear on the chain. Adjusting the chain has been annoying and tedious in the past, but the Remington Limb N Trim allows for easy adjustment by having the tensioner screws easily accessible on the outside of the case.

Quiet operation keeps the neighbors happy

On of the major advantages to owning an electric chainsaw is the minimum noise level. The electric motor is much quieter than a typical 2 stroke gasoline engine model. And instead of idling between cuts, as a gasoline motor would, the electric motor is not activated, so there’s no sound between cuts.

Soundwise, it’s more like using a trimmer than a chainsaw. It’s relatively quiet, but it can still be shrill when cutting, so we still advise you to wear at least some modest hearing protection while using it. This is always a good idea when using power tools as the frequencies can become piercing at times, depending on what you are cutting.

Safety first with low-kickback chain and bar

In keeping with modern safety standards, the Remington Limb N Trim is equipped with a low-kickback chain and bar. The low-kickback chain has special links that aim to prevent the chain from bucking back as it rounds the end of the bar. You can see more about low-kickback chains here.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Electric Lightweight and Corded Chainsaw with Handle Guard, Black

Wraparound hand guard for more protection

You should always respect your chainsaw, even if it’s a basic one with safety features. But added safety features do allow you a little extra peace of mind and the wraparound hand guard on the Remington Limb N Trim does just that. Your hands are often the most vulnerable to injury from crashing limbs and flying debris, so this feature gives you just that bit of extra protection. That and good heavy gloves and you should be in good shape.

Ships fully assembled and ready to cut

Not much to do with this chainsaw after you open the box. You’ll need a good extension cord and you’ll need to put in some bar and chain oil. No getting around that, after all. But then you are in business and ready to limb n trim.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Electric Lightweight and Corded Chainsaw with Handle Guard, Black

Who is the Remington Limb N Trim 14 inch chainsaw best for?

  • Homeowners with light chainsaw needs such as regular limbing, brush clearing and sapling removal, with occasional removal of small trees
  • Landscaping professionals with light chainsaw needs

Why do we like the Remington Limb N Trim 14 inch chainsaw for best lightweight chainsaw?

Well, it doesn’t get much lighter than this. Only about 6 pounds. It doesn’t have an engine or have to hold a battery, so that keeps the weight off. If you need to wield this thing all day to get your yard work and limbing done, you’d do well with this chainsaw.

There’s not much to it, so you’ll have less to maintain, no fuel to add and it’s pretty quiet, to boot. So there’s a lot to like about the Remington Limb N Trim 14 inch chainsaw.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Electric Lightweight and Corded Chainsaw with Handle Guard, Black

But is there anything not to like about it?

It kind of depends on what you want to do with it. Obviously this is not a super powerful chainsaw for the professional lumberjack, but it does the job it was designed to do. You are going to have to drag a cord around, but you knew that if you are looking at a corded chainsaw.

The advantage to that is relatively unlimited power without battery changes, but the disadvantage is that the cord can get in the way and you are limited by the length of your cord and the distance from the power source.

The other small thing is this saw doesn’t have an automatic oiler. It does have the push-button oiler so you don’t have to squeeze an oil can directly on the chain, but you will still have to remember to push the bulb before each cut. And like any chainsaw, you’ll want to drain the oil out of the reservoir before you store it, because they pretty much ALL will leak some bar and chain oil.

That’s about it.

So is the Remington Limb N Trim 14 inch chainsaw the right chainsaw for your needs?

Check out the current price here at Amazon for the Remington Limb N Trim.

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Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Electric Lightweight and Corded Chainsaw with Handle Guard, Black


What chain does this use?

The Remington Limb N Trim 14 inch uses a 3/8” low-profile chain with a .050 gauge.

What personal protection do I need?

Any chainsaw deserves the utmost respect and the Remington Limb N Trim is no exception. It might be tiny, but it can do damage, so arm yourself. You will need eye protection and heavy work gloves at a minimum.

Even though it’s quiet, ear protection is always recommended when using power tools. Above that, you can wear face protection and chaps for added safety. And we always recommend working with a good pair of non-slip work boots.

Here are some good options for you:

Eye protection

What kind of cord do I need for this chainsaw?

The length is kind of up to you. Obviously, longer gives you more working options, but you’ll need to make sure the wire gauge is at least 12. Heavier for extra long cords.

Here are some options:

Outdoor Extension Cords

Does it come with a case?

Unfortunately not. But here are some possible options to consider:

Chainsaw case options

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