Easy to Start – Honda HHT25SLTA 4 Stroke Weed Trimmer

Honda GX25 Engine
Honda GX25 Engine
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Small engines can be notoriously finicky to get started. We hear you. We have found a 4 stroke weed trimmer that is one of the easiest to start and also has a lot of other top notch qualities to commend it as well.

Here, we review the Honda HHT25SLTA gas string trimmer. It’s a 4 stroke or 4 cycle weed wacker, which has some differences to a 2 stroke trimmer that you may appreciate. For a more detailed discussion of the differences, you can see our article on 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Engines.

The Honda brand has a lot of customer loyalty, and for good reason. The Honda company has been producing small engine equipment since 1953 and has produced a continuous string of quality products since then. Though a large company, they do provide solid customer support and team with dealers and local repair shops to provide quality service for their products.

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Here are some of the reasons that we like the Honda HHT25SLTA trimmer.

Fuel-Efficient and Powerful Engine

The 25cc Honda GX25 engine is lightweight. Yet it’s powerful enough to handle most of your trimming activities at half-throttle increasing the engine’s efficiency. The 4 cycle GX25 engine is touted by the manufacturer to use 50% less fuel than a comparable 2 cycle trimmer.

It uses standard unleaded fuel at 86 octane or higher and the oil system is separate, so there is no need to carefully measure and store a separate oil/gas mixture like a 2 cycle engine requires.

Easy to Start

We’ve already told you it’s easy to start, but people who own this trimmer are constantly pointing out this feature and often raving about it, so we thought we should emphasize this.

The Honda HHT25SLTA reliably starts with one to three pulls of the starter cord. Since this is constantly an issue with small engines, and other brands even sell a separate starter accessory, this is a particularly notable feature of this trimmer.

Flexible Drive Shaft for Durability and Shock Absorption

The flexible drive shaft makes the Honda HHT25SLTA lighter and stronger and more durable over the time than a corresponding solid drive shaft. It also helps with shock absorption which minimizes vibration and operator fatigue.

Well-Balanced Design for Greater User Comfort

The trimmer is 73.5 inches long and is balanced for ease of maneuverability and less body strain. The controls and loop handle are ergonomically positioned to maximize user comfort.

Minimal Deflector For Greater Visibility

The cutting deflector is narrow and strategically placed to have the greatest effectiveness while increasing visibility of working area. For safety, users should always wear eye protection and long pants and long sleeves to protect against flying debris.

Comes With Harness and Safety Glasses

This string trimmer comes with a single strap shoulder harness. This is super helpful for easing back strain. It is something we recommend for any string trimmer but most do not have one included. An optional double harness is available separately as well, if that’s what you prefer.

Safety glasses and hearing protection are a must for using any small engine equipment. The Honda HHT25SLTA comes with safety glasses. Not a big deal, but a nice bonus. Keeps you from having to dig around to find your lost pair. Even though 4 cycle weed trimmers are noticeably quieter than 2 stroke trimmers, we recommend investing in good ear protection. Even if you are not experiencing any pain, reducing the decibel levels will help your hearing last long term and you will have the added bonus of more immediate peace and relative quiet.

Can Be Used In Any Position

Since 4 stroke engines don’t have the oil and fuel mixed together, sometimes lubrication can be a problem when the engine is turned sideways or upside down.

Honda has taken care of this with their 360 degree inclinable design. So you can turn the trimmer to edge the sidewalk or raise it to trim an incline and your engine will still function well. And storing it in any position is also perfectly acceptable. Though we recommend draining fuel from the engine for any long period of storage or disuse.

Here’s a quick video on how to change the oil.

The Honda HHT25SLTA boasts a number of great features that make it stand out from the competition, but as with any product, there are some negatives.

Not Attachment Capable

The Honda HHT25SLTA string trimmer does not have a split shaft design that will accommodate larger attachments like cultivators, edgers or pole saws. However, it does allow the attachment of rigid 9 inch brush cutter blades for cutting dense brush and small saplings. You must purchase the accessory blade barrier along with the brush cutter attachments.

If you prefer a 4 stroke weed trimmer that is attachment capable, we’ve reviewed several others that have split shafts for attachments. See our reviews of the Poulan Pro PP428S and the Troy Bilt TB575EC.

Here’s an excellent 2 stroke weed trimmer that has attachment capabilities: Husqvarna 128LD.

Bump Feed Head Can Be Quirky

Honda uses the Semi-Matic bump feed feature that allows you to tap the trimmer head on the ground while it is spinning to dispense additional line. A substantial number of users report difficulties with the bump feed line, both with the actual feeding of the line using the bump feed function and replacing the line when it runs out. This is not a universal complaint but arises significantly often enough to warrant it being a problem on a number of the models.

If all other things are equal and you appreciate the other features, it is possible to replace the bump head with another model like the Echo Speed-Feed 400 Universal Trimmer Head.

In any case, the cutting swath of 17 inches is fairly standard among comparable string trimmer models.

A Bit Heavy But Comes With Harness

At 13.1 pounds, this is not particularly light for a trimmer, but it’s not the heaviest 4 stroke trimmer. The package comes with a harness and this will help reduce back strain, especially for shorter users.

Is the Honda HHT25SLTA 4 Stroke String Trimmer the one for you?

Overall, this is a top-quality trimmer with a strong engine that should last you for many growing seasons. Honda has a solid reputation and stands behind their products and offers service at many locations. The HHT25SLTA trimmer is easy to start and has a brush cutter attachment capability plus it comes with a some extra goodies like a harness and safety glasses that are small, but value-added features.

At an MSRP of $359, it is certainly not the cheapest machine in its class, but you will be purchasing a solid product backed by the Honda name with a strong engine built to last. If you are fine with a largely dedicated trimmer that also can handle a few brush cutter attachments, you will enjoy owning the HHT25SLTA.

If you are looking for a more all-in-one trimmer, you might want to opt for a Poulan Pro PP428S or the Troy-Bilt TB575EC. Just click on those names for our review of those trimmers.

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What accessories are available for the Honda HHT25SLTA?

4 Blade Brush Cutter Attachment Honda 72511-VF9-B00AH Blade 4T X10

Honda 72511-VF9-B02 Blade 3 Blade Brush Cutter Attachment

Barrier Kit Required for Using Brush Cutter Attachments Honda 06631-VH8-740 Barrier Kit

What kind of fuel does this trimmer need?

The Honda HHT25SLTA uses unleaded gasoline. The minimum recommended octane is 86.

What size of line will this trimmer handle?

The Semi-Matic bump feed head typically calls for .095 but you can use up to .105 if desired.

The fuel tank holds 16.9 oz.

What kind of maintenance will the trimmer require?

This string trimmer includes a maintenance schedule in the Owner’s Manual. Typically, maintenance consists of:

  • Checking engine oil regularly.
  • Clean filter with soap and water regularly and recoat it with clean engine oil.
  • Check and clean or change the spark plugs if they are fouled.
  • Adjust the idle as needed.
  • Empty fuel from your trimmer when storing for an extended period of time.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. Honda’s consumer residential warranty is 2 years on defects in parts and workmanship. If using the trimmer commercially, the warranty is 1 year. Non-Honda accessories are not covered by the warranty.

Are spare parts available?

Yes. A majority of the parts can be replaced and are available from Honda Power Equipment dealers in your area. You can find the part numbers here.

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