Poulan Pro PP428S 4-Stroke String Trimmer – Versatile and Powerful

Poulan Pro PP428S, 16 in. 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

We have done many hours of research on 4 stroke string trimmers to bring you the most up to date information on what’s available out there. The Poulan Pro PP428S 4 stroke string trimmer stands out among 4 stroke trimmers because of its ability to accept a variety of attachments such as edgers, blowers and pole saws.

Here we tell you about the features and benefits of the Poulan ProPP428S: the good and the not so good, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

First of all, the Poulan Pro PP428S is a 4 stroke string trimmer. There are some differences between the 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. If you would like to know more, we go into further detail in our article on 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Engines.

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Features and review of the Poulan Pro PP428S:

Large Engine for Powering Multiple Attachments

The Poulan Pro’s 28 cc 4 stroke engine is one of the larger engines among its 4 stroke trimmer counterparts. The engine is designed to meet California emission control standards for moderate use. Starting is easy with the spring assisted start system.

Tap N’ Go Trim Head for Quick Line Feed

The Poulan Pro PP428S uses the Tap ‘N Go trimmer head. Just bump the head onto the ground while the head is spinning to dispense additional line. The line is automatically kept at the proper cutting length by the installed cutter on the trimmer guard.

Split Shaft Designs Enables Installation of Attachments

This feature is one of the primary reasons you might want choose the Poulan Pro PP428S. The shaft is designed with a disconnect system called Pro-Link that allows you to remove the trimmer attachment and add a variety of optional attachments. The following Poulan attachments are available separately for the PP428S:

Edger (PP1000E) Poulan PP1000E 7-Inch Pro Lawn Edger Attachment
Cultivator (PP2000T) Poulan Pro PP2000T Cultivator Trimmer Attachment
Brushcutter (PP4000C) Poulan Pro PP4000C Brush Cutter Trimmer Attachment
Pruner (PP5500P) Poulan Pro PP5500P ProLink™ Pole Pruner Attachment, Black
Blower (PP3000B)
Pruner (PP5000P)

Additionally, some non-Poulan attachments have been know to fit the PP428S. It is best to check the individual attachment to see if it is truly compatible with the PP428S.

Lightweight and Well-Balanced for User Comfort

The trimmer is uniquely comfortable to use with a loop handled strategically placed for optimum balance. It weighs about 13 lbs. which about average for a 4 stroke trimmer, but still a bit heavy. A harness or strap would make a great addition to the ensemble.

Cutting Swath Slightly Smaller Than Average

The cutting swath of the Poulan Pro PP428S string trimmer is 16 inches. This is only slightly smaller than most of its other 4 stroke counterparts which have 17 inch cutting swaths. This is probably not a particularly significant difference, but it bears noting.

The Poulan Pro gets positive reviews for power and ease of use. But as with any piece of power equipment, there are some things that are less than optimal. We let you in on some of what we’ve discovered.

Tap ‘N Go Bump Feed Head Difficult to Load Line

Poulan PP428S Trimmer 2 Pack Tap'N Go LH Trimmer Head # 952701718-2PK

Tap ‘N Go Bump Feed Head
comes in a 2 pack

It seems that the trimmer head is often a weak link with string trimmers in general. They can often be difficult to remove, difficult to reload or they don’t feed properly. The Tap ‘N Go bump feed head that comes with the Poulan Pro 428S is no exception. Some users report typical difficulties with reloading line on the head.

If you really like the other features of this trimmer, there are a few workarounds for the trimmer head issue. One is to buy pre-loaded replacement heads (an expensive option, but maybe it works for you). They are available here.

Echo 78890-21001 High Capacity Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head

Echo Speed-Feed Trimmer Head

Another solution is to purchase a different trimmer head like the Echo Speed-Feed 450 High Capacity Trimmer Head. While we didn’t see a warning against using aftermarket parts on this trimmer, sometimes using a different brand of parts can void the manufacturer warranty.

No Harness Included

At 13 pounds, this trimmer is of average weight for its type and the Poulan Pro 428S is well balanced. Even so, a harness or simple strap can help ease the strain of prolonged use. There is no specific attachment point for a strap or harness, so something would need to be improvised.

See here for a selection of harnesses here.

An option: The Honda HHT25SLTA four-stroke trimmer is a dedicated trimmer (allows brush cutter attachments) but comes with a harness.

Engine Can Be Finicky

While many users have been pleased with this trimmer, there remains a significant number of people who have complained of various problems with the engine. Sometimes the difficulty has involved adjustment of the carburetor or problems reaching operational RPMs. Still other users have had problems with the starter cord breaking early in the life of the machine.

Is the Poulan Pro PP428S 4 Stroke String Trimmer right for you?

The Poulan Pro PP428S has a clearly divided loyalty among users. It is definitely well-loved for its ability to add a plethora of useful attachments. The engine is designed to be strong enough to handle the additional power necessary for features like a blower. This all makes for a convenient way to accomplish a number of different tasks while maintaining a single engine.

If you want this convenience and you are good with maintenance of small engines and potential troubleshooting, the Poulan Pro PP428S may be a good choice for you.

If you want a different choice in 4 stroke string trimmers that accept attachments, have a look at the Troy-Bilt TB575EC.

A top-quality 2 stroke trimmer that accepts attachments is the Husqvarna 128LD.

If you do not need all the attachments and want a dependable dedicated string trimmer, you may want to check out the Husqvarna 324L 4-Stroke String Trimmer.

For a commercial-duty 4 stroke trimmer, we recommend the Makita EM2652LHN, which is also a dedicated 4 stroke trimmer, though it will also accept brush cutter blade attachments.

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What comes with the trimmer?

Included in the package with the trimmer is the Tap N’ Go bump feed head and a small single-use bottle (2.5 oz) of engine oil.

What size of line does this trimmer use?

The Tap n’ Go bump feed head uses .095 inch trimmer line. It holds approximately 15 feet.

What kind of fuel and oil does the trimmer use?

The Poulan Pro 428S uses regular unleaded gasoline and 10W-30 motor oil.

The oil capacity of the engine is approximately 2.5 oz.

What kind of maintenance will the trimmer require?

This string trimmer includes a maintenance schedule in the User’s Manual. Typically, maintenance consists of:

  • Checking engine oil prior to each use.
  • Cleaning filter with soap and water often.
  • Checking and cleaning spark plugs regularly and change annually.
  • Adjusting the idle as needed.
  • Changing the oil periodically.
  • Emptying fuel from the trimmer before storage.
  • Other period maintenance as specified in the User’s manual.

Does the manufacturer offer a warranty?

Yes. Poulan offers a 2 year warranty on defects in parts and labor for residential use. If the trimmer is being used commercially, the warranty is limited to 90 days.

Can you get spare parts for the trimmer?

Some. A limited number are available online. You can find some here at Amazon.

For full service, you will need to contact a repair center near you. A listing of repair centers can be found at the manufacturer’s website here.

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